Ottawa Office

222 Queen Street, Suite 1502
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5V9

(613) 232-1576
(613) 238-5519

CFN Consultants (Atlantic) Inc.

Founders Square
1701 Hollis Street
Suite 800
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3M8

(902) 491-4279
(902) 429-5237

Our Affiliates

Prospectus Associates

Prospectus Associates ( Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Political support of Defence procurement campaigns
  2. General government relations
  3. Profile and brand management in Ottawa
  4. Strategic advice on programs and positioning at the political level
  5. Communications strategy and planning
  6. Public, media and stakeholder relations
  7. Social media strategy and engagement planning
  8. Crisis and issues management
  9. Media and social media monitoring and analysis
  10. Media and presentation training

Contact: Rob Evershed,, or Keelan Green,, both at (613) 569-3200

Canadian Export Consulting Services (CECS)

Canadian Export Consulting Services has been in operation since 2005 with a client base nearing 200.  Their knowledge and expertise in the following areas have assisted clients in meeting regulatory requirements both in Canada and the United States.
  1. Export Permit Applications
  2. Technical Assessments/Interpretations
  3. Policy Assessments/Interpretations
  4. Canada-US Export Control Advice (e.g., ITAR, EAR, etc)
  5. Controlled Goods Program (e.g., CGP Registration)
  6. Canada Border Services Agency (Detentions, Seizures, Adjudications)
  7. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
  8. Training Packages, and
  9. Corporate Advocacy to Government
Contact:  Chris Fauquier,, or Thomas Jones,, (613) 825-5080


OMX ( provides tools and specialized assistance to clients with offset obligations or those seeking related opportunities.
  1. Provision of a web-based software program to allow contractors to actively manage offset obligations (CCV calculations, causality back up, transaction sheets, and reporting
  2. Marketing for Canadian suppliers through the marketplace (profiles and ads)
  3. Marketing for prime contractors (ads) through the marketplace
  4. Online supply chain management
  5. Tracking and visualizing economic benefit impacts from programs
  6. An online B2B marketplace to connect Canadian companies with opportunities with foreign and local prime contractors
  7. A tool for the development of value propositions
Contact:  Nicole Verkindt, President,, (519) 942-5332

Allan Joyner Productions

Allan Joyner and Chris Thatcher ( work together to provide assistance with marketing and branding.
  1. The creation of content (text, still and video imagery, graphics) to help clients reach targeted audiences
  2. The provision of advice and assistance relating to the creation and deployment of effective written, video and photographic products to explain a client's offerings
  3. The provision of advice and assistance relating to effective use of social media in the defence and security sector
  4. The provision of advice and assistance relating to written and visual content in branding and communications strategies
  5. Audits and reviews of current marketing and communications materials.
Contact:  Allan Joyner,, (613) 470-0111