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CFN Consultants (Atlantic) Inc.

Founders Square
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Our Approach

Teamwork First

CFN works as a team, pooling its expertise. All members of the team are committed to serving clients to enable successful business solutions, and our clients have full, unrestricted access to the entire team, assuring the full range of expertise to deal with any particular issue.

The Partners and Associates are acknowledged experts in understanding issues, opportunities, competition, and the risks involved in competing for a major Government project. They know from firsthand knowledge and experience how risks can be minimized and problems solved.

The Ottawa office focuses on the federal government departments and agencies headquartered in the nation’s capital. It provides knowledge and assistance which can best be done from Ottawa, given the proximity and access to issues and events on a daily basis.

The CFN presence on the East and West coasts has developed to meet the demand in these regions. More specifically, in Halifax, our subsidiary firm, CFN Consultants (Atlantic) Inc services the aerospace and defence industry in Atlantic Canada. It is also well-connected with the governments of the Atlantic provinces and has expertise in areas beyond the traditional defence and security focus of the Ottawa office. These areas include ocean technology and environment, and involve work to assist with policy development, program evaluation, legislative reviews, research and development opportunities and the overall innovation agenda.

In Victoria, our associates in the CFN satellite office have developed a network of companies, and seek assistance from Ottawa as needed.

Throughout the CFN network, the broader team pulls together to coordinate activities and share information, all with a goal to serve our clients better.


The extensive background which the Partnership team has gained through previous senior government, military, and industry appointments is formidable. This depth of experience and knowledge enables CFN to interpret government requirements accurately in terms of operational need, limitations of budget, areas of flexibility, options available, and potential tradeoffs.

CFN can help devise a winning strategy including teaming and consortia arrangements that will provide clients with an edge on the competition.

CFN knows the government bureaucracies well and can refer clients to the key policy formulators and decision-makers.

Extended Relationships & Affiliations

Through direct association with other firms, CFN can tap into a wider network of highly professional consultant groups to assist clients, particularly in the area of new business development.

For specific, in-depth assistance related to political lobbying or public affairs, for example, CFN has developed close working relationships with expert firms specializing in these areas. They extend our team's ability to address client needs even further.

Proven Record

Over the years, CFN Consultants has established itself as the premier government security and defence consultancy in Canada with a proven record of success working with both Canadian and international companies. The evolution of expertise into other areas keeps CFN on the leading edge of new developments.

The Partners and Associates of CFN are well known to the leaders of both industry and Government and have earned the respect of both for their capabilities, judgment, integrity, experience and discretion.

CFN, A Partnership has served its clients with great success since its inception in 1983. We have built a solid reputation with both business and government on the basis of:

  • our broad and comprehensive understanding of government procurement system policies, procedures, and priorities, including Industrial and Technical (formerly Regional) Benefits (offsets);
  • our extensive problem-solving capabilities;
  • the effectiveness of the high quality advice and guidance we give; and
  • our integrity.

CFN has been engaged in many projects over the years, some examples of which are described below.

  • Aircraft Capability Project – Tactical. CFN provided assistance to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and its team members in acquiring the C130J Hercules for the Canadian Forces and establishing, and later renewing, an in-service support infrastructure with the mandated single point of accountability. Seeking solutions beneficial to Canadian industry to meet the extensive IRB (now ITB) requirements was also a particular focus for CFN.
  • NOCTUA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Afghanistan. CFN provided advice and assistance to Israel Aerospace Industries in bidding for the provision of a fleet of Heron UAVs under a unique leasing arrangement in a war zone.
  • M777 Artillery Project. CFN was instrumental in facilitating the way ahead, with BAE Systems and DND, to accelerate procurement of the M777 155mm towed howitzers for use in Afghanistan. The initial batch was negotiated for delivery from US Army production to ensure that the capability was fielded in response to the operational need.
  • Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle Project. CFN worked closely with Textron Systems Canada for an extended period to plan and provide the winning bid on this important army project. The delivery of the vehicles and the ongoing in-service support will provide considerable work to Textron and industry partners for years to come.
  • GPS Anti-Jam Capability. CFN worked closely with NovAtel to introduce the Canadian Army to their  GAJT GPS anti-jam product. The Army sponsored a Build-In-Canada Innovation Project (BCIP) trial in Petawawa and, as of Oct 2016, was preparing to order a fleet’s worth of the devices for further testing. CFN also assisted NovAtel in introducing airborne and shipborne versions of GAJT to the RCAF and RCN.